Iron and Steel

Auxiliary Facilities

We are sensitive to the environment.

There are dust collection facilities, water purification and cooling facilities, automatic Ferroalloy feeding unit, 380 kV switchgear plant, oxygen production plant and 2 scrap stock halls with a storage capacity of 50,000 tons each, 4 product stock halls with a capacity of 80,000 tons.

Oxygen Production

Our air separation plant, which was established in 2003, can produce gas oxygen, was established in 2009. by commissioning the air separation plant, the total capacity was increased to 8500 Nm3 hours of gas oxygen and 200 Nm3 hours of liquid argon. Liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen production is carried out at the plant with a liquefaction plant with a capacity of 3000 Nm3/hour. in 2013, the gas oxygen capacity of 1500 Nm3/hour and the oxygen capacity of 10,000 Nm3 nm3/hour were increased by commissioning the VPSA plant.

Dust Collection

Due to our responsibility for the environment, dust and particles generated by production are collected and pelletized without spreading to the atmosphere thanks to our dust collection facility with a capacity of 2.650.000 m3 and environmental pollution is prevented in this way.